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December 3, 2013
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Rd: Biscuit - Okashi Kurosu by DeathRuby Rd: Biscuit - Okashi Kurosu by DeathRuby
EDIT: AMG I GOT IN 8D AND ALSO. LOOK FOR THE BOTTOM TO READ HIS ORIGINAL PERSONALITY. //i'm going to RP with him like that since it is still is a side of him uhuhuhuhuhu
A new app for a very amazing group - :iconrabbito-dauto:! Here's my little boy! I hope you like him!

Basic info
Name: Kurosu/Cross Okashi (first, Last ) - お菓子 クロス (okashi, Kurosu)
Alias: Biscuit - ビスケット (He prefers this way more than his normal name)
Age: 13
Birthday: November 8 (Scorpio)
Gender: Male

Weapon Choice:  A lighter and 3 bottles of 1L Methylated spirits  - A 2nd nature item to Biscuit, he loves his lighter (which he named Burn) which he found in a cleaner's room when he got into the game. Along with the lighter, 3 medium-sized bottles of methanol sat neatly beside it. He seems to find refills of these bottles after he's run out of fuel almost a week or so later in the same place.

Opinion on what's happening: Being the little fearless kid he is, the boy is really excited about being in the game. He just loves games. He feels that he can burn more new things in this world. His mission is to see Mister Wolf, at least once. He also wants to see how the wolves would react to being set on fire.

His non-existent mother - "Mama is not here. Mama was never here. She left me with papa, then went away. I never knew her, but I want to meet her one day."
His alchoholic, mean father - "Papa looked so mad... he looked so mad when I was playing with fire. And then I burnt the house down...With him in it. I'm sorry for not listening to you papa. But now, you won't hurt me anymore...Right?"
Siblings - "I never had any, but I really want a big sister and big brother to play with! It'll be really fun!"
Lover - "I.....want to fall in love one day....But, I'm not sure whether anybody will like me... Not with how I am and how I look..."
Friends and other - "None yet! I hope to make some!!"

Biscuit is a pretty fearless person, and since being an ambitious boy, tends to get into situations that overwhelm him later on. He's a little streak of lightning, running around and blazing on by. He always needs a goal, and usually sets these as things he burns. Since being in the world, he can't find much to burn so tends to just light pieces of letters or poems he scribes (or pages from books along with paper). Words of forgotten memories, stupid wishes, letters to people he wished he knew and he wished he'd both forgotten and remembered. Not to mention little scribbles and such.  Every time he lights one up, he thinks of them as little pieces of sadness that burnt away from his heart and feels much happier after playing with fire. He wants to aim high and become somebody that isn't the one who gets hurt all the time. His cheerful mood will depend on how much he's played with fire. If he's hardly done anything with fire, his mood will be very low, and though he may look like he's smiling (he smiles all the time), his eyes will be much duller than usual. Due to his history, the boy needed to grow up faster mentally to understand everything. His mentality is quite adultish, but you won't realise this due to how childish and playful he acts around others.

- Gingerbread men..practically anything gingerbread: His absolute favourite biscuit, he will nom on them continuously.
- Watching people cook - It's very interesting...Plus, fire or heat is usually involved.
- Fire - He's a pyromaniac, of course he'd like this.
- The cold - Cold is good. He loves the wind. Not to mention the feel of the chill of it.
- Purple, orange, white and green - His absolute favourite colours.
- Fire-fighters - He likes them and how they run in and does whatever it takes to stop a fire. He just...doesn't like how they stop fires. If it wasn't for a fire-fighter, he'd be fully scarred all over his body.
more to tba

- Water - The boy does not like water one bit, due to the fact he's a pyromaniac. He does however enjoy drinking it. This boy doesn't know how to swim much, and tends to stay away from any large bodies of water.
- Liars - I'd say this is self-explanatory.
- His father - After the events that happened, the boy doesn't even care about him anymore, much less the fact that he abandoned him to be on the streets.
more to tba

Biscuit was never normal. The boy had realised that a long time ago. His promiscuous mother had given his baker father him when he was born, telling him that something was wrong with the boy, that in his eyes she saw something bad. His father took care of Biscuit, baking him sweet treats and such (like gingerbread men), along with teaching him. The boy never went to school, yet is naturally sociable because of chatting with neighbours and has a rather good memory. His father had noticed how entranced whenever he watched fire and gave the boy a lighter, in which the boy was able to burn stuff with. His father would regularly have to apologise for his son's behaviour, but never gave a thought on why the boy loved burning things. Biscuit grew up rather okay, never really noticing his father's growing alcoholism, money loss and growing hate due to the now-irritated neighbours/people that had grown enough of his son's antics, along with his own personal problems. Until one afternoon while Biscuit was fiddling with the gas system and about the open his lighter when his drunk father spotted him, and smashed him in the face with a baseball bat for being such a bad child. Biscuit had never been punished like this before and the start of his hate from his father started from then. (Since his father didn't have enough money, he never went to get his face checked out, but it healed good enough surprisingly.)

The boy began to realise just how much he was doing to his father, but instead of stopping, pushed forward until the man was at the brink of his sanity. He needed to show that fire was his life. That's when his father broke. He took away all fire-making supplies, disconnected the gas-lines and locked him out the kitchen. Biscuit blinked, before he went on a ranpage in the neighbourhood. He found a bakery and a baker was icing gingerbread men. Seeing a torch, he walked in and set the place alight. He stole the tray of the biscuits and ate them. The boy felt happier watching the building go in flames and the fire department and police were called. Biscuit's father was charged because of his son, but the case was dismissed due to Biscuit accidentally starting the fire. His father did however have to pay for the tray of gingerbread men.

At home, his father yelled at him and the next day threw him out the house. The boy lived on the streets for a while, but because of his adorable looks he was spared food, money and sometimes even shelter. After a while, he snuck into his house and found the gas system was back on. His father was in his room, drunk and sleeping. He gave a small smile, took his leftover alcohol bottles and began splashing it around the house. Pulling out the lighter his father had given him, he went to his father's room first and set it a light. The fire quickly began to spread and as the boy was about to escape from the back door he realised: It was locked. His eyes widened as he stumbled to the corner of a room and heard the sound of the fire-truck. His father awoke to flames licking at his clothes and he yelled out. The boy cried out as the fire crept onto him and he crawled into a ball, the fire searing the skin that it had engulfed. The fire-fighters quickly came in as they heard a gas tank explode. The found the two residents and draped Biscuit in a giant wet fire-blanket and he let out a scream as he smelt the smell of rotting flesh. He fainted.

He awoke in a hospital with deep 2nd degree burns to the whole of his right arm/shoulder and half of his chest and back. (The boy never complained about the scars on his body and is actually quite happy to show them to people, just that he needs to keep them protected.) He was then looked after until he healed. His father was forced to pay for his medical bills due to the fact of Biscuit telling the medics that he hit him in the face with a bat, along with being charged child abuse offences. After healing up, Biscuit lived at various child welfare centres. Continuing to go on, one day a message appeared on his phone of a game. He saw a cute white rabbit, and since it was a game, he would want to play it. And then he entered the game.
tba //when i can remember some more things---//

If you ever call him a cute kid (kawaii-ko / 可愛い子 ), this boy will literally not hesitate to open up his lighter and burn off your clothes and/or anything else etc. hair. This phrase was almost always used by his father. He won't mind if you call him cute though. Just, as long as it's not with kid then you're safe.
He wears a fire-blanket sewed up and fitted to be an overcloth.
He's a left-hander but does do some things with his right.

Preferred RP method:

-Skype, notes or chatroom. I don't really like RP comment spam orz;;

Character and art - Me 83

Full body w/o template: and adorable him being adorable:

IF YOU WANT TO SEE HIS ORIGINAL PERSONALITY, CLICK HERE. //i softened him a bit for this group orz He was originally going to be of another RP group chara, but you know -deadlines- what is it--... maybe I should change it back 8D... 

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