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About Student Artist Official Beta Tester Shinri AKA RuruAustralia Groups :iconxx-aspro-corvus-xx: xX-Aspro-Corvus-Xx
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My current RP characters o v o


With Mars Loop, Stella Rally and Joran Clockworth
"Standing united, together, we will continue to live and walk on. Whether it be crawling, blinded, our bodies breaking at each step, we will keep trying in this city... In our home. We are the hurt trio, with bruises and scars littering our beings."


With Chris "Boxhead" Erindale
"For me who was just a weak flower slowly blooming, thank you for allowing me to grow and to stay by your sides.
For you, I'm sorry that I wasn't strong enough to save you or myself, and to keep living this me. With this tattered box full of useless memories, I will fly away and disappear. Becoming the ghost I am."

With Kleine Alistair
"Oh dear white rabbit, eyes filled with love for the moon that you cannot ever reach: pay heed a cold, harsh warning to you. Do not play at night, for those monsters will ravenously prey on your sweet flesh, turning your pale fur to red and black."

Woo o 7 o )/

Gender: Tomboy.
Age: Young but old. As said on my YT account as well I am over 4748 days.
Birthday: 19 March

Nice to meet you, I'm Shinri or my more commonly used nickname Ruru! I'm a 7-hr sleeper and I'm still in the progress of finding my own art style! So please bear with me if my style reverts to something not usually done as I tend to experiment.

UTAU website:…
tumblr: Private

PLEASE GO SHOW YOUR LOVE TO THESE ESPECIALLY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OVER HERE~! *List is still a WiP and order is random!* - I won't add those who already have their own custom box, but know they are also especially beautiful too hue <3

And if you're a fellow UTAU-Synth user, please feel free to join the group :iconutau-synthusersunite:! I'm currently a mod in the group, so feel free to ask me any questions or queries and I'll make sure to get back to you!

Songs hue



10th July 2015 - .....


Thank you.


Thing with things in it


All you beautiful people above this little box, thank you so much for the support! You're all amazing and I'm so grateful for your love, support and kindness!

Well my profile's going to be simple for the next 12 MONTHS WHAT EVEN due to reocchi *she gave me an even longer premium wth* Also, if you understand why I picked a sky blue as my bg you know me well.


Activity level: Partially dead. (School)

3. EAT.
4. PVs. Freaking PVs--- ||dies||
5. School studying
--the list is a lie--



PAYBACKS (Be be re-paid whenever, if ever. -As in you guys can ask me to draw something for you in 5 years or 20 years or whatnot.)
1. 2 F-B F-C for BloodyAngel971 (2 Full body Full commissions)
2. 1 F-B F-C for Kuku-Klock (1 Full body Full commission)
3. 1 F-B F-C for xseerx (1 Full body Full commission)
1. UTAU reference for HolyHan

REQUESTS (can be delayed|cancelled)

OTHER (Prizes, raffles, etc) :
1. Headshot for HanaEve

1. Oto RYOKA, KO, Inuko and Afliana. And unOWN. And Ten.
2. Fix up a hella load of frq files...

On another note! This is also aimed at any RP groups I'm in! If I am not online for more than 2 weeks, (You can tell this by when I answer your notes/comments/whatever. If you've waited more than 7 days for a reply) It's either:

1. I don't have internet connection
2. Something's up so I'm on sudden hiatus
3. I died or I'm in hospital or something. o3o/ (That's unlikely but hey, I tend to don't know what safety is, I'm very accident-prone and I run in front of cars, trucks and buses a lot because school.)

Yeah. I go on dA practically every day. Just saying.

Also this lil guy was made by my dear friend Nekomiira! Go check big sis out!


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I heard about kaleidoscope closing
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